My Purse Still Fits….

As I wind down from a fun-filled holiday, I am relieved to report my purse still fits.  I think that is a good thing, especially after enjoying an abundance of Christmas treats and consuming my fair share of some really wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon…

You see, I have been thinking about 2018 and what fits and what does not fit in terms of how I want to live each day in the coming year.  I want  the behaviors I “wear” to be truly aligned with what is most important to me; to be more comfortable, if you will.  After taking stock, here is what comes to mind:

What Does Not Fit:

It does not fit to rush around trying to do more in a day than a reasonable human would do in three.

It does not fit to live on my computer, IPad or phone 10-12 hours a day.

It does not fit to miss opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends.

It does not fit to binge watch West Wing, The Crown or Madam Secretary until 2 am, thus missing out on the sleep my body needs to  properly recover before the dawn of another new day.

(Yes, that is a bit of a confession….).

It does not fit to miss my walk, yoga or trip to the gym for [fill in the blank].

It does not fit to make food choices without thinking about my longer-term goals.

It does not fit to worry excessively about things outside my control.

It does not fit to take responsibility for life choices belonging to others.

It does not fit to take on or wear the negative energy of others as they deal with their own struggles and challenges.

What Fits:

It fits to listen, empathize and be present with others in their time of need.

It also fits that I get to decide what healthy boundaries look like for me.

It fits that I remain vigilant in balancing work, family, friends and fitness in ways defined best by me/what is important to me.

This year it will also fit for me find more time to pursue my creative interests like entertaining, cooking, leisure reading, and handmade crafts.

It fits, in the most sleek and elegant ways, that I manage my time mindfully, with a conscious awareness of what is important to me as I live and choose wisely each and every day.

Most important of all, it fits to be grateful for my many blessings:  my precious family, my cherished friends and my amazing clients. Oh yes, and I am definitely grateful my two-year-old Michael Kors purse still fits.  I really didn’t want to have to buy a new one….

(P.S. I invite you to add your comments below as to what fits or does not fit for you!)

My Habits:

(See “What Does Not Fit” above….)

My Lessons:

  1. (See “What Fits” above….)
  2. I want to pay close attention to the signals my body gives me (i.e., a tightness in my shoulders, a knot in my stomach or an adrenaline surge, etc.), which will help me know when I am taking on too much. (i.e., too many tasks, too much responsibility for others, etc.)
  3. I want to keep in mind Stephen Covey’s time management lessons on the “Urgent and Important.” (See link below.) In short, while Urgent and Important things “act upon us” (i.e.,  crying babies or an urgent work crisis), we have to “act upon” the Not-Urgent and Important things (i.e., relationship building, planning and true recreation.).
  4. With just a wee bit of planning, I can make it my norm to prepare and cook healthy, tasty meals and snacks and save eating out for only 2-3 meals a week.


  1. Remember to come back to Center multiple times a day, which will help in the moment of choice.
  2. Keep up with my fitness and yoga practices.
  3. Create a small notebook of quick, easy “go to” meals, complete with shopping lists for each, that are healthy, tasty and filling.



10 Replies to “My Purse Still Fits….”

  1. Love this and I needed this as a reminder to think about how I would like to treat myself in 2018. I want less stress (self-imposed or added from outside influences) and more time in my bathtub, with a glass of wine and a book.
    Happy New Year! ❤️

  2. Exquisitely written and I admire your focus, discipline, and freedom to choose ahead. Good for you magical Barbara, and the rest of us who follow and learn from and with you.

  3. Great piece Barbara and thanks for the reminder. Something that fits for me is controlling what I can control and recognizing what I can’t control. Seeing life as a journey and not an event.


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