Pain’s Saving Grace

It is that time of year where the Christmas cards extol the accomplishments of the year and social media captures the merry gatherings of families and friends. It all makes me smile as I imagine each occasion and the love upon which all the traditions have been built.

As Christmas draws near, I want to also take a moment to acknowledge the parts of the year that we may not see so publicly, but know to be true as well.  I want to embrace the moments marked with pain, sorrow and sadness and give them their place along with the rest.  My experience tells me when we can see the painful parts of life for what they are (inevitable), their hold is lessened, their truth more gently felt and the gift of wisdom becomes  pain’s saving grace.


My Practice

On Christmas our family honors those no longer with us by joining hands and softly singing “Silent Night.”

It is always poignant and beautiful.



2 Replies to “Pain’s Saving Grace”

  1. Christmas was an important event in the life of my family with mom and dad and my siblings. Every year I place Christmas flowers on the graves of Mom, Dad and my brother, Randy. It is my way of still including them in my Christmas.


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